Static Security

Manned Guarding is more than just a security guard sitting behind a desk.
We believe that any customer utilising a manned security guard is not only addressing a security requirement for the company, but also taking into account the public face of the company. The public will interact with the security officer and the impression that officer makes will last long after the reason for the encounter is forgotten.
We are dedicated to keeping our customers for many years, and we can only achieve this by working together.

We are dedicated to the philosophy of “getting it right first time, every time”.

In order to achieve this, we agree with our customers that a sufficient lead in time for the contract must be established. This allows a comprehensive safety checks to take place, sufficient time to recruit, screen and train the right calibre of security officer and time to fine tune the service with the customer.

Ultimately this allows for a smooth working relationship.
It is also vital that the security officer is rewarded for their skills. This ensures that the customer receives the level of security and competence they seek.

This is a very important issue and one that the security company must be mindful of at all times. It is essential that the calibre of security officer matches the clients expectation and needs.