Mobile Patrols

Many companies engage a Mobile Patrol Service to their buildings during silent hours.
This service provides a high visibility attendance to the building, using a vehicle and security officer.

The visit places a deterrent between the offender and your building.

To gain the maximum potential from a patrol service, the operation must be flexible enough to become unpredictable to the offender who may be thinking of breaking into your building.

A security vehicle will attend and a security officer will carry out a full external patrol of the building, checking all doors and windows within reach are secured and the officer will also pay close attention to any signs of activity.

All patrol information is collated in order to detect any pattern of activity that may appear. Should such a pattern become clear, remedial action can be recommended to our customers.

A full report of each visit is made by the security officer and is available to our customers for peace of mind.
Electronic check points are also an option to highlight sensitive areas and ensure peace of mind.
A full printout is available to the customer on request. (This option is customer specific)