Key Holdings

We understand that in today’s fast moving & stressful working environment, companies require their staff to be alert and functioning at peak performance.
This performance will be compromised if the key staff are having their nights disturbed to attend alarm activations.

Our experience and knowledge will help reduce the number of false alarm activations and that in turn will reduce the risk of your police response being withdrawn.
A further benefit will be the reduced risk to your insurance premium rising as a result of police response being withdrawn.

For our Keyholding service, we offer customers the option of either a single annual fee, which incurs not additional charges for our attendance. This is a popular service with the added benefit of easy budgeting, or, additionally we offer a call out charge package.
This option has a lower key handling fee, with the extra charge for attendance.
This is popular with client who have little or no problems with their system.

As part of our commitment to team work, we believe in rewarding companies who, like us, are pro-active with security measures.
As a result we are committed to providing Keyholding and Alarm Response free of charge to companies that engage our patrol service as described in the patrol section.

Not only are you receiving high visibility patrols at your premises, acting as a deterrent to any potential
offender, you are secure in the knowledge that our experienced officers will respond to your premises should the alarm system activate. We will establish the cause of the activation and, either rectify it straight away, or recommend a course of action to you.
A full report will be left for you on site, followed by a call the next working day to discuss our attendance.