Close Protection

Over the last few years there has been a global shift towards, not just the employment of specialist security, but the attitude towards it.

Close Protection was once a service employed solely by the rich; it has now become a necessity of modern business and personal safety.

The security industry is vast; but only true and qualified professionals are capable and can take responsibility for the protection of a person, their family, their business, their travel and their assets.

Specialist security provides a solution where responsibility is needed in one or all of these fields.A security company can only be defined as ‘Specialists’ when they have a proven track record of success working and focused at the absolute upper end of the Executive Close Protection field.

McIvor Security Services is a Specialist Security Company and only concentrates in provding Specialist security services and training.
Specialist security ranges from the provision of Close Protection Operatives (Bodyguards) to assessors who are trained and experienced professionals in risk/threat analysis. Advanced security planning where venues/hotels and travel plans need to be studied or providing residential security for a clients property. Specialist security is employed in a variety of roles to ensure a clients safety and well being.